We purchased “J-Credits” from the City of Sapporo for citizen participation


As part of the ”Eco-chill Zero Carbon Project” conducted by the children’s environmental information newspaper ”Eco-chill In January 2022, we pioneered the purchase of “J-Credits” to be sold for the first time by the City of Sapporo.

This offsets the amount of CO2 emitted when issuing ”Eco-chill in Hokkaido for FY2021 (November to March).
We also purchased additional “J-Credits” for CO2 emitted when issuing  ”Eco-chill in Sapporo for fiscal 2022 (April to March).

FY2021 (in Hokkaido)                      FY2022 (in Sapporo)

We will continue to offset the CO₂ generated in the publication of ”Eco-chill and continue our environmentally friendly efforts.


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