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"Ecochil" Environmental information paper for children


This is a print medium that aims to support children to do eco-friendly activities and promote eco-life in schools and at households.

With emphasis on environmental education started from children,we distribute “Ecochil” to about 747 schools in Tokyo, about 343 schools in Yokohama, and about 1040 schools in Hokkaido.(Tokyo edition: 310,000 copies , Yokohama edition: 200,000 copies , Hokkaido edition: 250,000 copies)

To keep the medium interesting, all editions are full color with illustrations and ruby used for Kanji. Contents are designed for easy understanding and there are even crosswords and comic strips.

Children environmental information paper "Eco-Chil" 45 prefectures digital edition

From April 2021, we started publishing “Eco-chil” digital edition for all prefectures of Japan. As with “Eco-chil” paper edition, we emphasize the ease of viewing. Like turning
pages, you can go on reading . So, small children may feel easy to read it.

Children's environmental events


Many children participate in these events. They become interested in environment by reading “Ecochil”.

Almost every month, an environmental education bus tour event is held. Through these events, children can learn environment issues deeply.

Children's sports support information paper "Spochil"


This is a print medium that aims to promote sports culture for the next generation, schools and households.
Spochil is issued in even months and delivered to elementary schools with "Ecochil".

Children's career education information paper "Carichil"


This is a print medium that aims to promote career education, cooperating with the goverment, schools and households under the theme of "live well in society".
Carichil is issued in odd months and delivered to elementary schools with "Ecochil".


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