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This site is managed and operated by ADVCOM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).
In order to use the ADVCOM site (hereinafter referred to as “this site”) with peace of mind, we have set out the following personal information protection policy as follows.
Please confirm before using this site.

Basic policy

We deeply recognize that personal information is important information constituting privacy and think that we must carefully handle all personal information under the philosophy of respecting individual personality. In order to be a company that is trusted, loved and self-respected by all the people including customers, dealings (hereinafter collectively referred to as “principals”), we have established the following basic policy, We will strive to protect personal information.

1. About purpose of using personal information

Personal information acquired by the Company will be used for the following purposes.
Information on products and services handled by the Company · Sales activities Requesting questionnaires such as latest information on our company, various seminars, contact surveys such as exhibitions Contact us Providing information on our business activities Personalizing websites and e-mail services Recruiting activities Used in using business cards We respond to inquiries We will use personal information our company independently acquired to support direct marketing, Internet marketing and similar marketing activities of client companies that we requested.

We will use it for the purpose of sending mail magazines from our company to those who let me exchange business cards with our stakeholders. We will not use the personal information we have kept except for the above purpose.

2. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

We will not disclose personal information to any third party except in the following cases.

1. If you have consent
2. From the contents of inquiries from the principal, if we judge that it is appropriate to respond or respond from our affiliates, agencies, etc.
3. In cases where it is necessary to disclose to a business consignment company or a cooperating enterprise that has concluded a confidentiality agreement in advance in order to carry out collection purpose specified to himself / herself
4. When you need to disclose personal information to financial institutions etc. for the purpose of payment for the purchase of goods or use of paid services etc.
5. Disclosure in the state in which the individual can not be identified (statistical data etc.)
6. When Disclosure to a Third Party is Accepted by Laws, Guidelines, Guidelines, etc. Also, in the case of providing personal information held by the Company to a third party or entrusting processing, etc., We will give due consideration to the previous selection and endeavor to supervise as necessary to ensure appropriate and reliable protection measures as well as our company handling.

3. About management of personal information

We will properly manage your personal information and take preventive measures and safety measures against unauthorized access and loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. of personal information. We will continue to conduct internal education on protection of personal information and appropriate handling.

4. About inquiries concerning personal information

We will promptly respond to inquiries, modifications, deletions etc. of personal information of yourself according to our prescribed procedures.

5.About compliance and review of laws and regulations

We will comply with laws and regulations applicable to personal information and strive to continuously improve and improve our personal information protection efforts.

Personal information you provide

On this site, we may provide personal information at the time of e-mail distribution service, communication of opinions and requests to our company, participation in contest, contest, questionnaire and other events / application etc etc. Since it is clearly stated that personal information is required in any case, we ask that you provide it at your own will.

Collection purpose and use

When you ask customers about personal information, we will inform you of the purpose of use on each site. We will not use your personal information for purposes other than notifying you without obtaining your consent.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Please be forewarned that depending on the type of service on this site, the information you visited may be notified to a third party. (For example, this is a case when notifying the customer’s name and address to a company entrusted with services such as delivery in order to deliver the prize)

Delete personal information

We will erase your personal information after a certain period of time if we decide that the purpose of use is achieved and it is no longer necessary to keep personal information. Regarding this deleted data, even if there is an offer for disclosure / change from the customer at a later date, we can not respond, so please understand.

Child's personal information

Customers under the age of 13 are advised to enjoy the content with parents when using this site. Customers under the age of 13 should refrain from sending personal information to this site without parental consent.

Use of cookies

We use cookies for improving services to customers and for advertisement distribution and promotion of our products. Cookie is a mechanism to save the usage history and input contents sent and received between the Internet browsing software (browser) and the server when using the web page as a file on your computer. If you allow browser to send and receive cookies, we may acquire cookies stored on your computer and associate the collected action history with personal information in some cases. In addition, we will advertise and advertise our products, refer to cookies stored on the customer’s computer via a third party entrusted by our company with a third party or websites other than this site there is.
You can choose from settings such as “Allow cookies”, “Reject cookie”, “Notify when receiving cookie”, etc. according to the setting of browser by setting of cookie. Please note that if you choose the setting to reject cookies, we may not be able to receive some services provided by our company.

Collect and use unspecified information

In this site, we may collect information that can not identify your individual (for example, which page of our site you visited), but do not investigate statistical data on operation of our site and reasons for unauthorized access etc. So we will not use it.

Inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information

If you wish to inquire, change, or modify your own personal information, we will inform you of our department or person in charge who provided us with personal information (in case of being provided through this site, If you contact us, please contact us as soon as possible according to the procedures specified by us. In that case, in order to prevent unauthorized acquisition, falsification, etc. of personal information by a third party, we may confirm that it is a request from the principal, so cooperate.

Inquiry window

For consultation concerning personal information, please file a complaint with the document to the director of our company complaint window.

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 Personal Information Protection Officer Koji Mino


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